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Sean has lived in the MD/DC area since 1968 and has been attending concerts since the age of five when he saw the legendary Motown group, The Temptations. That show, performed at The Shady Grove Arena, is one of his first and favorite childhood memories. He can remember every nuance of the show. This is where the love of the live show started for him. Over 2000 concerts later, he still attends concerts at least 3 times a week, from national acts to up and coming local acts. While he will tell you that he favorite genre of music is progressive rock (his favorite band being RUSH) and jazz fusion, no one who has known him has been able to tag him as a lover of just one style of music.

His favorite concert he has attended was KISS in ’79 on the Dynasty Tour. To him, that show had all of the elements of the perfect show.. great music and great a stage show.

He is seen and recognized at every venue he attends by patrons and band members. Since 1982,  Sean has worked at various record stores (the original Kemp Mill Record..he first “claim to fame”) and record labels (Capitol Records and Warner Brothers), but since 1995, he is highly recognized as an employee of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, the biggest single-owned musical instrument shop in the country. From his activities at Chuck’s, he has built up a great relationship with thousands  bands and local musicians. Between 2001 and 2006, he was the MC for the DC chapter of Emergenza, an international company that produces battle of the band shows and festivals in hundreds of cities all over the world. He really built up his reputation by not only hosting the shows with his colorful personality, but pulling each band aside and giving them advice and helpful hints to putting on a great show, from stage presence to managing a set list  (Sean always says start with the better and end with the best, and make ’em want to come back for more). During that time period, he was also asked to guest host in several other cities including Philadelphia, and Boston. And because of his reputation, he has been asked to  judge many battle of the band competitions held at Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia and other local venues. The bands know he will show no favoritism to any band, artist, or genre and judge from his heart and many years of concert attendance.

Why He always brags that the MD/DC area has the best music scene in the world. There is something for every listener here. He knows that from experience. He is often sought out by friends, and strangers by recommendation about any good upcoming shows to see, or “we are in town for two days …please recommend a few good venues and shows to see”.. Sean knows.. he has resources all over the music industry that gets him information on upcoming bands and tours before its public knowledge, and he wants everyone to share with him the same experiences he has at any concert.

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